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What is Carbon Accounting?

Carbon accounting is the practice of measuring, managing, and reporting on an organization's carbon footprint. The goal of carbon accounting is to help organizations identify opportunities to reduce their emissions and ultimately become more sustainable.

Organizations have a variety of options when it comes to carbon accounting. They can use software to track and manage emissions, outsource the service to a carbon accounting firm, or do it themselves.

There are many benefits of carbon accounting. The most important is that it can help organizations save money and save the planet. Reducing emissions can save organizations on energy costs, and carbon accounting can help identify these opportunities. Carbon accounting can help organizations build environmental and social responsibility, improve their reputation, and engage employees in sustainability efforts. Increasingly reporting carbon footprint is mandatory for companies.

Key regulation in the EU - the CRSD directive, the US SEC has proposed Climate change disclosure requirements making it increasingly mandatory for companies to report their emissions to the same authorities that manage financial reporting and audit.

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